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Mike Murphy
Customer Review
The guys from Orem's actually came to my house, jump started my vehicle, and brought it back to their shop to replace the battery. Of course it had to be a cold snowy day.... I was out of state and the wife would have been stranded. While I wouldn't expect Russ to do this in all situations, it shows the level of integrity and good service that this shop represents. I completely trust that when they say it's's broke! The prices are more than fair and the quality of work has been excellent at this auatomotive repair shop!

I'll never go anywhere else.

I have been going there for several years with a variety of vehicles -- Russ is an honest guy who does good work. The only issue is that he is so busy that the turnaround time can be really long -- a sign of how popular he is, not how slow he is. I'll never go anywhere else. - Frank C.

A garage you can trust!

Great customer service, great to deal with. A garage you can trust! Call Russ and he will take care of you. - Monica A.

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